Home delivery of Quality Irish Beef and Irish Lamb. Our customers have asked us for quality grass-fed beef and lamb at a realistic and reasonable cost, delivered to their door and that is what we provide.

Bushfarm beef is dry aged (hung on the bone) for 21 days, hand-cut and then blast frozen. This ensures maximum freshness and tenderness. Our steaks are world-class, with visible marbling and a generous cover of natural fat, producing a succulent, moist and tender taste. Try our steak mince, perfect for Bolognese, Chilli and Lasagne for hassle-free weekday meals.

Bushfarm lamb is real lamb, young and tender, in family-size cuts that are nutritious, tasty and value for money. From the traditional rack of lamb to our famous lamb burgers, you’re sure to find something for the perfect, tasty dinner. Our quality lamb is packaged and blast frozen for maximum freshness and tenderness.

You can buy online and we will deliver direct to your home. Simply build your custom box using the individual cuts listed below.

Individual Cuts